Meet Our Pharmacy Manager, Kevin Dang
Kevin's passion for pharmaceutical
care started when he was very
young.  As a high school freshman,
Kevin earned his first position as a
Pharmacy Technician at the Silas B.
Hays Army Hospital in Ford Ord.   
Kevin continued to impress patients
and staff until his high school
graduation in 1988.  After high
school, Kevin attended the
University of California, Irvine and
graduated as a double major in
biology and chemistry.  Despite the
demands of
Kevin Dang, Pharm.D
his double majors, Kevin served as a Pharmacy Technician for four years at the
Humana Hospital in Huntington Beach (1888-1992).Kevin completed his Doctor of
Pharmacy degree at the University of the Pacific (UOP) School of Pharmacy and
Health Sciences in 1996.  While attending UOP, Kevin worked at the San Joaquin
County Hospital, in French Camp, as a pharmacy intern.  After graduating from
pharmacy school, Kevin joined Kmart Pharmacy where he quickly assumed the role
of District Manager, overseeing more than 30 pharmacies in California and the Reno

In 2007, Kevin opened his own independent pharmacy to implement his vision for a
patient-centered, outcome-oriented pharmacy practice.  Over the years, Kevin has
forged strong relationships with physicians and their patients to promote health, to
prevent disease, and to assess, monitor, and modify medication use to assure safe and
effective drug therapies.

To stay abreast of the latest policies and best practices, Kevin takes many continuing
education courses.  In doing so, he can ensure that his clients receive the highest
quality pharmacy care.

When not immersed in his pharmacy practice, Kevin enjoys spending time with his
friends and family.  He adores his wife and two kids.  On most weekends, you can
find Kevin indulging in the simple pleasure of watching his son’s soccer games and
participating in his daughter’s extracurricular activities.
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